Nedfon in 122TH Canton Fair, booth No.3.2F07-08

Tages:122    2017-09-13

Dear friends,

Guandong Nedfon Indoor Air System Technology Co., LTD. would like to kindly invite you to visit our booth 3.2F07-08 in the coming 122th Canton Fair which is held in Pazhou, Guangzhou, China. The period of fair will be  from 15th Oct. to 19th Oct. in 2017.  Looking forward to meeting you at our booth!

Add: No. 15 Nanxing Road Taicheng Taishan City Guangdong Province.
Tel: (+86-750) 5605586、400-883-2333、800-830-9638,
Fax: (+86-750) 5605550.

Guangdong Nedfon Air System Co。, Ltd      

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